Friday, July 20, 2007

Caffe Mio

Caffe Mio on Wellington West

Another one of those restaurants that is crying out to be tried. In a nutshell, it’s like the 4th avenue wine bar, except the food is much better here, but the wine is not quite there.

Bill was $65, all in for a light snack for dinner, 07 07 19 after 8pm. So very expensive. But the food is quite good and if you have a small appetite, it’s probably a neat place to have meals at odd hours. Decor was modern, service was alright and food.... we had their garlic shrimp with prosciutto appetiser for $12. Very nicely done, especially the prosciutto, sort of used like bacon bits. Dinner steak pizza special for $13... if you like thin crust and chucks of meat on your pizza, then it is fine. I thought it was very fine. Organic Baby Greens ($6).... not bad... better at the old location of Junipers, not that I am a big fan of that spot, especially their new Otto’s location.

The white wine, a chardonnay by Lulu B ($6.75) was quite wonderful. The two reds, a house Italian valpola ($4.95) and a pinot noir by Lulu B ($7.50) ranged from watery to drinkable. The pinot was definitely not ‘full bodied’. I make wine better. The 4th ave wine bar was definitely better.

If we had eaten regularly and drank more, I would say that it would be closer to $120 for two... not an immodest amount for a casual bistro dinner out... just too expensive, value for dollar.