Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mambo Restaurante in Market

You know, secretly, I get the Sunday paper just to read Anne DesBrisay's reviews. And although I have been critical of her ethic reviews and non-committal on her other stuff, I think she is finally coming into herself as a restaurant reviewer.

This Sunday's review of Mambo Restaurante is certainly very useful. The food was shit, so for me she was right on; and as she was, I was also looking forward to this restaurant. Thanks to her review, I shall certainly save up my pennies for Le Baccara.

I don't comment on mediocre restaurants, one way or the other, and I have been to a few in the last little while including: Angelina's on Preston (the Italian Embassy goes there for pizza? maybe, but not); La Favorita on Preston (renewed decor, Canadian style, pizza hut type pizza, love it... skip the thin crust); Works in the Glebe (I like Harvey's better value); Clocktower Brew Pub (nice beers, rushed service and the fish absolutely sucks... reminds me of 1980 pub fair); Pe Nan Wok (generally a miss unless you know what to order...); Siam Kitchen (way past its prime, run by non Thais); Pot Au Feu in Wakefield (nice patio by the rails, lousy service and poaches eggs were ok); Soup' Herbe in Chelsea (service was good but too formal (as in anal), food, all vegan stuff, was nice, soups were great, if it was only not out in Chelsea; it's like the fish & chips place up there, very early on in this blog); The Brig on York in the market (same as Works, except they have a nicer patio and was in the 'centro'); amongst other more forgettables .....

......... 20080427.