Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Elgin Street Diner

This place has a lot going for it and it shows in the clientèle. Mostly young urban golden triangle dwellers. Been there several times. French toast is great for brekka, sandwiches with poutine for late night dinners. Desserts are creative and fun… and the waiters generally know what they are talking about and pretty non-intrusive.

The only thing is that when it gets busy, it’s a pain in the ass. And it usually is. And don’t drink because the booze is really quite expensive.

All in all a nice local eatery for that quick bite, if they have room. $30 pp all in with a beer, but you can get by on $10 pp if you don’t drink and eat only a main. The sandwiches are $4.99 plus $3.50 for the poutine, which I am told is ‘the best in Ottawa’ by some teens who seem to know what they were talking about…. That’s Ottawa of course and not in the Gatineaux!!! Of course! Poutine is the best in Wakefield/La Peche, but it was pretty fantastic at Elgin Street Diner.

Would I go back? Sure, if I wanted a quick meal and instead of Harvey’s or the FF place on Bank and Sunnyside…. which by the way has the 2nd best poutine in Ottawa…..

La Roma on Preston

La Roma is one of the originals in Ottawa. Have been following it since Somerset and Bronson.

Not bad but I would not write home about it. Tilapia was done well if a little insipid. Manicotti was OK, Carrot soup need more blending, but some like to feel the carrots and sage. Tiramisu was a little too light... needed more body... as in mascarpone.... With a glass of wine…. $80 pp. About average for Ottawa these days, but about the only thing going for it was that it still had that old La Roma feel…!