Friday, July 18, 2008

Beef Tartare and where to eat it in Ottawa…….

Was watching CTV and know how much my son likes Beef Tartare and Sushi and generally raw stuff…. (I know where he got his cravings from….). So I thought I would comment, in case he reads this....., on the Wellington GastroPub’s beef tartare.

It would appear that the beef tartare, served as an appetizer, could be eaten as a dinner. If the chef… and elsewhere I have commented on his cooking abilities,… is accurate in his representations on CTV today as to the ingredients of the tartare, I would say that this is the place to try it… definitely! I think it would be the tenderloin; egg yolk only; and truffle oil that would make or break this dish. As Chris Deraiche (chef) says, it is pretty simple to make at home…. , but who the hell wants to buy all of the ingredients….and do it at home….. Especially the truffle oil…. (Oooopppss I forgot for a moment that I was in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!)

I will be sure to give this dish a try… just hope that Deraiche is there when I order…. Maybe I should ask when I make my reservation, whether he is working that night…. (TIC… as in Tongue in Cheek!).

The food is ok (as in less than 50% 'marks wise’) at this place, but the ‘organization’ works very well……. see elsewhere on this site for those comments.

My response to Deraiche’s question as to why anyone would want to eat this stuff....., it’s like why the Japs eat blowfish… and mmmmmhhhh…, because it tastes great! especially in Ottawa..... and that it is Raw...… like sushi… there is a Risk and a high one at that…... and everyone in 'Ottawa!' loves sushi..... as in the riskksss....? ... just that there are no descent restaurants.....