Saturday, January 05, 2008

Chaba Thai

As an extension of Nokam's, I would say the food is virtually identical. No booze though... and $40 pp without booze...., so $80 pp if you're drinking..... Not cheap, but reasonable for Ottawa for dinner. And we did not scrimp and save.. yum tom, satay, duck red curry, pad thai, mango salad..... etc...

Except it is at the old 'Salvatore's' location near Carling, on Rochester.

Somewhere between the Arachnid's and the rest.....

See other parts of site for better valued places... I like it cause it's closer now than ever, despite DesBrisay's claim that you can never get a seat at Nokam's... maybe she takes up too much room....!

I still think Bangkok Thai is the best for value in between the thais and the chinks.