Tuesday, September 30, 2008

b side wine.... benitz's new wine and tapas bar

Hi, Andrew.

Just to confirm, we have an 8:30pm on Sat the 4th at Fougeres and we shall turn up at your place around 6pm, instead of 5pm.

I also have a reservation at Benitz Bistro on the 2nd for Thelma and I have been assured that Derek Benitz will be cooking that night. Also that they have opened a place next door called ‘b side wine’, which is a tapas wine bar type place where the evening chef is Tim Smith and Darryl at lunch…. I wouldn’t go there myself, but I just wanted to mention this as this is the same idea as I had very early in 2006 after I came back from Spain…. And the dishes are $10 a piece… so that would be around E4 a plate… relatively expensive and also I am not sure that a Canadian trained chef can do good tapas! Also I am not sure at all that Ottawans have the same ‘eating habits’ as the Spanish, with their special ‘tapas’ dance that they do before dinner…..

Will let you know how the Benitz trip goes……

Ciao. Richard.